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8 Reasons Why We [Plays That Pay] Will Give You the Best Sports Betting Advice Today - PLAYS THAT PAY

8 Reasons Why We [Plays That Pay] Will Give You the Best Sports Betting Advice Today

If you’re reading this, you just searched for “Sports betting advice today” on the internet. The reason you found this article is because Google believes that we have the BEST answer. And we agree. 

Plays That Pay is a company that’s dedicated to providing you with the best picks and parlays so you can maximize your chances of winning. We have been picking winners since 2011 and we are not slowing down anytime soon! Helping our clients win sports picks and big parlays is what drives us!

We’ve got a team of experts who know everything there is to know about sports betting, and we’re always up-to-date on the latest news and information. Our recommendations are the safest and most trusted, so you can be sure that your money is in good hands. 

Here are 8 reasons why we will give you the best sports betting advice today.


best sports advice today


We Study Stats Carefully

We don’t just plug in numbers into a spreadsheet and determine who will score more points. Sure, that will help you win a few games here and there. However, long-term, this is a losing strategy. The winning strategy is to look at every stat possible and then run game simulations to determine which spread outcome is most likely. 

For example, if the Lakers are playing the Knicks, and we see that the line is at -7 for the Lakers, we’ll plug in a long list of stats and then run simulations to determine how accurate that line is. Many times, the line by the bookies will be way off. This is where we find VALUE and things begin to get exciting! 

Just the other day, we ran simulations for a game that the bookie had the line at -11 for. Our simulations showed a spread line of -4. We immediately saw the opportunity and made this line our Play of The Day. And guess what? We won easily.

We Pay Close Attention to Injuries (before and after)

Just because a player returns from an injury, doesn’t mean he’s fully recovered. And, even if he is “fully recovered”, it’s important to research the recovery period of the injury to arrive at a prediction of how many minutes he’s expected to play. 

The return from an injury is always a tricky thing. A lot of times, players will come back and they’re not quite the same. They might be a little bit tentative or they might not be 100%, and that can impact their performance. 

Lebron James playing for 20 minutes instead of 25 minutes can have MASSIVE influence on the spread for a game. Plugging in Lebron James total minutes into our game simulations is key to a winning strategy. 

We Look at Venue Location

Did you know that at one mile above sea level, there’s a 10 percent drop in your body’s ability to transport oxygen and 20 percent drop in time to exhaustion? Imagine how that can affect an athlete’s performance. The lactate production from muscles is much HIGHER at altitude of high intensities. This leads to more cramps and affects proper muscle function, which slows players down. 

Imagine how excited our team gets when we see a team with players who are known to suffer from cramps traveling to a Denver venue. In case you didn’t know, Denver is located a mile above sea level. Does venue location automatically determine who will win? Of course not. But when you combine this with all the other stats, it can help us determine the correct spread for a game.

We Look at Motivation to Win (or lose)

Believe it or not, there are instances where a team benefits from losing. Other times, one team is much more motivated to win because they are trying to clinch the playoffs. Also, sometimes a team already made the playoffs so they will sit all their starters to avoid injuries and keep their players as healthy and rested as possible for the playoff games. 

Similarly, a team that is trying to avoid relegation will likely have more motivation than a team that is safe from relegation. Motivation can be a powerful factor in determining the outcome of a game and We look at all these details when selecting a pick.


best sports advice today


We Look at Rest Days and Travel Time

This is a big one! It’s not just total rest days, but how much did the players play in the last game. Did Lebron James play 40+ minutes? Did the game go into overtime? Did they jump on a plane right after the game and have to play again tonight? Were there any issues with traveling arrangements? All these things have a huge impact on the game.

Why? It has been shown that teams who are well-rested and have less travel time are more likely to perform better than teams who are tired and have to travel far distances. This is because fatigue and jet lag can take a toll on a team's performance. To provide our clients with the best sports betting advice today, rest days are vital considerations in our predictions as well!

We Wait Before Sending Picks and Parlays

There have been countless instances where a last-minute roster change happens due to a player injury or personal reasons. As you can imagine, these changes can often be disruptive to a team's chemistry and game plan and they  greatly influence the final score of the game. This is why we wait as long as possible before sending our picks to clients. 

We’ve found that the “sweet spot” is sending our picks 2-3 hours before game time to also allow clients sufficient time to lock in their picks. Again, our goal is to MAXIMIZE your chance of winning, and we make sure to do everything in our power to achieve that. 

We Use a Sports Betting Model to Run Game Simulations

A sports betting model can help with accurately predicting a game by running simulations of the matchup. This takes into account various factors such as team strengths and weaknesses, home field advantage, player performance, weather conditions on the day of the game and recent form. The model can generate a range of possible outcomes, giving bettors a better idea of what to expect. With more accurate predictions, bettors can make smarter wagers and improve their chances of winning.

Our team is dedicated to accurately predicting how a game will play out so we’ve developed our own model. To be successful, we plug in large amounts of data in our sports betting model to help us predict the winners of games. By doing this, we can build up a more complete picture of who is likely to win and by how much.

Game simulations can SKYROCKET your winning percentage overnight. This is next level sports handicapping and it’s what separates the long-term sports betting winners from the losing sports bettors.

best sports advice today

We Have Developed Instincts Through Experience

Here’s a secret to success that you can apply to anything in life, not just sports betting. The more time you spend doing something, the more you develop instincts. You begin to see things that others miss. Your ability to notice small details and react quickly can be the difference between success and failure. Since we have been at this for years, we’ve become better at spotting the small details that can make all the difference.

Of course, we’re mindful that instincts should be used in conjunction with logic and reason, not as a replacement for it. When used together, our ability to identify patterns  gives us a significant advantage in any match situation.

With instincts, we are able to look out for small details like player facial expressions, tone of voice, body language walking into the arena, etc. We have seen that instincts are greatly important when you need that extra edge on picking a winning side.

Final Thoughts on the Best Sports Betting Advice Today

Sports betting has been around for centuries, but things have drastically changed over the years. Today, sports betting is more popular than ever. But it doesn’t take luck or fortune-telling to win; you need the best sports betting advice today to increase your odds of success.

Here is our advice: When it comes to sports betting today, it pays to do your research and to listen to those who know what they’re talking about. Here at Plays that Play, we’ve been giving our readers the best sports betting advice for years. All our sports betting advice is backed by real research so you can be sure we will give you all the information you need to make an informed betting decision.

It is a fact that not all sports betting advice is equal, and that only some can be relied upon. We are one of the few best sports betting advice providers that can boast an impressive track record. Whether it's providing the latest odds and line movement information or offering expert picks and predictions, you can trust us for your wins!

Your friend,

Alex Parlay

CEO, Plays That Pay

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