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Impressive Sports Betting Consultant Continues to Attract New Members - PLAYS THAT PAY

Impressive Sports Betting Consultant Continues to Attract New Members

Since their launch, Plays That Pay has quickly risen to prominence to become one of the best sports betting consultants in the space. Their proven methods, inspired by long hours of research and strategy formulation, have culminated in building a loyal customer base that continues to expand.

Alex Parlay, CEO at Plays That Pay told us, “Sports betting can be a complicated and confusing practice. Our mission is to give everyday sports betters a competitive edge, enabling them to improve their win percentage, increase the odds, and earn more money”.

A Strategic Approach to Sports Betting Expert Picks

The Plays That Pay team has developed winning formulas, enabling them to evaluate likely outcomes and spot winning picks. Meticulously combing through hours of game footage and reviewing stats is just a small part of the process. They also consider other variables, including travel time, team rosters, injuries, event venue, team chemistry, motivation, and many other factors.

The dedication and research of the Plays That Pay team allows them to pinpoint picks with higher odds – they never simply recommend a favorite because it’s a guaranteed winner. Usually, members will receive premium picks with great odds of -110 or better, and parlays are always +350 or higher.

Results Over Recognition

Although Plays That Pay continues to expand its already large member count, you might think they’ve gone under the radar. They see themselves as sports betting consultants – not a brand, as that’s their area of expertise, and the proof is in the results. Word of mouth is their most powerful marketing tool because once a member sees the wins this sports betting consultant produces, they can’t help but share it with their friends.

Alex said, “we don't believe in heavy marketing tactics. We believe a great service sells itself. That is why Plays That Pay has quickly become so successful. Our time and effort are focused on sourcing the best picks for our members rather than wasting energy and funds on marketing campaigns. People should choose us because we’re the best sports betting consultants, not because of a catchy campaign”.

About Plays That Pay

Founded in 2021, Plays That Pay is a detailed and customer-orientated sports betting consultant. Their mission is to develop innovative ways of study to develop strategies that give them an edge in sports betting.

With a focus on providing an unbeatable client experience, they let the results do the talking, never picking the obvious favorites, with a mission of uncovering lesser-chosen picks that generate greater returns.

To learn more about Play That Pay, check out their Instagram, @PlaysThatPay, or sign up as a member to receive sports betting expert picks by visiting

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